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Atharna x Brownbook

Our collaboration with Brownbook enables us to dive deeper into the worlds of heritage, craft and culture and present you with a range of archive and exclusive features to broaden your  knowledge and open your perspective to the great diversity of the Middle East. 

The Atharna x Brownbook collaboration emerged from a place of shared ideals and the belief  that a new narrative needs to be told about the culture and heritage of the Middle East. We are so honoured to work with people who embody the same values as we do and hope that you find the fruit of our collaboration as insightful and interesting as we do.

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Al-Khayamiya, Cairo's Tentmaking Street

Through centuries, the artisans of Al-Khayamiya in Islamic Cairo have continued to develop their trade, without giving up its traditions.

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Bsous Silk Museum in Lebanon

In honour of Lebanon’s former silk production industry, a museum in the mountains is dedicated to telling the story of the delicate craft

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Talli Embroidery in the UAE

In a small crafts centre, just off the eastern coast of the UAE, artisans explore new ways of refining talli, the traditional Emirati embroidery.

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Omani Frankincense

In Oman's south, a unique climate enables the rare frankincense to thrive, placing the region at the centre of this aromatic trade

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Philately House

A museum and clubhouse for Emirati stamp enthusiasts based in Dubai’s historic Al Fahidi district.

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Basket Weaving in Lebanon

In northern Lebanon, two small family enterprises continue the craft of hand weaving baskets from locally-sourced bamboo.

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