The Collection

Handmade Heritage

The items featured within the Atharna Collection are bespoke pieces designed and made by the artisans themselves, often exactly in the way they would have been made in the past. Through numerous research methods we discover individual artisans, or artisan collectives, across the Middle East and work with them to become suppliers and partners to Atharna.

The range of artisans we work with is vast and ever growing, each time we work on a case by case basis offering guidance or simply a platform to showcase the artisans work. 

One of the core missions of Atharna is to empower artisans to transition their skills into a profitable business that can provide for families and communities. This is why we are committed to working with artisans at any stage of their journey, not only those with established business experience.


The range of artisanal items found on Atharna range from rugs and cushions from Jordan, to plates from Saudi Arabia, and vases and baskets from Bahrain. This is symbolic of what Atharna stands for; the connection between, and preservation of, diverse yet complimenting cultural heritage.




Collective Value

Our artisan partners create items and garments using numerous different fabrics and countless different skills. By co-ordinating the work of these artisans into The Atharna Collection we are able to display the great wealth of diverse skill sets and traditional crafts.

The range of artisans featured in The Collection all have their own unique way of combining heritage techniques and materials with modern skills. We can see this in the way the artisans merge old designs and traditional fabrics with modern formats..

The items in the Collection are as at home in the English countryside as they are in a Dubai apartment. The culture that the products bring to an environment fits seamlessly into your home and life, bringing with them a piece of heritage and a connection to tradition and history that may otherwise have been lacking

Continuing Tradition

The Middle East, positioned as it is, has long been a melting pot of diverse culture due to trade from both the West and the Far East. Internally within the region the diversity is astounding; artisanal techniques and aesthetic style vary from coast to coast, each country, each section of the region, taking influence from their home-grown culture, heritage and traditional trade links. We can feel these influences throughout each unique piece in The Collection.

No product, and no artisan, is featured on Atharna without an attachment to culture, heritage and tradition. By sticking to this standard we can ensure that our products are as culturally important as they are beautiful, and you can be assured that your purchase is contributing to a market that promotes ethical production, values heritage skills and enables individuals to take control of their own work.

Authentically Atharna

Our exclusive range

The Atharna Exclusive range fuses luxury design with traditional craftsmanship to create statement artworks that capture the original culture.

By combining modern and traditional techniques and influences we are creating pieces that are as beautiful as they are rare, and allowing the artisans who create them to show the very best of their skills.

All the items are the fruit of close and fair collaboration between Atharna on the one hand, and the resident designers, guest designers and artisans themselves on the other.

Each item is produced in limited numbers and, because each item is handmade, it reflects the unique process involved in creating it. Each item therefore is a beautiful expression of the culture from which it emanates, as well as a means to preserve that culture and heritage through craftsmanship and innovation.

The featured jacket was handcrafted in Saudi Arabia by a team of incredibly skilled women working as a team at Art of Heritage. Each individual element is put together as one allowing a truly beautiful outcome.  

The Atharna Jacket

Some may recognise the design of this jacket. Even at first glance it is clear that there is a great deal of meaning and culture hidden in the seams of this hand crafted jacket, made by the women at Art of Heritage in Riyadh.

We are so excited about our collaboration with Art of Heritage as the work we have enjoyed creating together really embodies everything that Atharna stands for. By working in tandem with these artisans in Riyadh we have been able to jointly create pieces that are beautiful, functional, and modern yet rooted in culture.


Traditional Skills


What has not changed in the translation of this heritage piece to modern times is the use of traditional and heritage skills to craft this piece. The artisans at Art of Heritage are dedicated to their use of traditional skills, design and methods. Secondly the artisans are involved at every stage which ensures that the pieces created, in this case the Atharna Jacket, is as authentic and true to the culture as possible.

The Atharna Jacket takes its inspiration from a traditional Najdi thobe, worn on many occasions in the past, and today it is still appreciated on a daily basis, at formal events and during Ramadan. The artisans at Art of Heritage worked closely with our team to translate this heritage garment into a piece that could be worn on the streets of any city today. The versatility of this piece is evident and we cannot wait to see how the jacket is worn by people across the world.

Exceptional Design


By collaborating with the artisans at Art of Heritage on the design of this Atharna Jacket we have been able to bring together the best of both worlds. By merging traditional embroidery and heritage inspiration with a modern cut we have created this piece which celebrates the tradition of a culture whilst helping to thread this culture into the modern world in a way which is respectful to the root object.

We hope to continue working on collaborations with Art of Heritage, and other collectives or individual artisans, in the future to bring more high quality, hand-made, sustainable and ethically produced pieces into the world.




The Atharna Shawl

The second item featured in Atharna’s exclusive range is this handmade woollen shawl, again hand crafted by the women in Riyadh’s Art of Heritage collective – an organisation supporting women with disabilities and empowering them to use traditional skills to provide for themselves and their families.

The shawl is made by hand in the Art of Heritage workshop in the heart of Riyadh. The women who work at Art of Heritage are involved at every stage of the shawls creation; from design, through to finding fabrics, to designing embroidery and finally, creation.


This woollen shawl is made of the highest quality materials which you are acutely aware of the moment you feel the weight of this shawl in your hands. The women at Art of Heritage have created this piece in three colour ways: black, navy and cream.

A similar ‘leaf’ style embroidery, as seen on the Atharna Jacket, is also featured on the shawl creating a subtle but stunning visual effect. This versatile piece can be worn in so many different ways, dressed up or down, and carries with it a timeless elegance that will last for years to come.