Watch: The Sleysla Centre

The Sleysla Centre's mission is the transfer of heritage artisan skills to younger generations creating sustainable incomes and retaining local craft.

Meet the women working at the Sleysla Centre, an organisation established to help craftswomen generate a sustainable income from their art. 

The Sleysla Center was established in 2003 by HRH Princess Fadha Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, with the mission to improve the economic status of girls with limited education and income due to disabilities. Critical to their mission is an investment in training of young women, with a particular focus on the transfer of heritage skills from elders in the community to the young women they employ.

The artisans take traditional materials, stitches and local designs, and reproduce them in a modern way to connect the gap between traditional and current culture.

Sleysla is also part of the Al Faisalya Women’s Welfare Society, all revenue goes back to the society which helps to support women in the community.

HRH Princess Fadha envisions a future where the local craft of Saudi Arabia is prominent in the international market, recognised for its quality and cultural significance.

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Discover the Sleysla Clutch collection

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Watch: The Sleysla Centre

The Sleysla Centre's mission is to transfer heritage artisan skills down to younger generations to create sustainable incomes and retain local craft.

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