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Indigo dyeing with Safi Crafts, Jordan

A tiny Jordanian village still preserves the millennia-old practice of making ‘blue gold’.

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Mosaic Restoration in Jordan

In the ancient city of Madaba, a mosaic school upholds a rich design tradition.

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Lebanon’s Glass Artisans

In the workshop of Lebanon’s last remaining glass artisans, the Khalifeh family continue the ancient craft of glassblowing.

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Janbiya Dagger Making in Najran

Worn as proud adornments, janbiya daggers are a rite of passage in Saudi Arabia’s Najran.

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Watch: Pottery in Lebanon

At Bkerzay, one of Lebanon's oldest crafts is maintained by three artisans.

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Q&A: Lina Saleh, ShamsArd

The Palestinian architecture collective on the Moon House – a home in Jericho made with the traditional mud building technique.

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