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Wadi Musa in Jordan

In the villages surrounding Petra, water still flows through ancient channels and waterways.

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Al-Khayamiya, Cairo's Tentmaking Street

Through centuries, the artisans of Al-Khayamiya in Islamic Cairo have continued to develop their trade, without giving up its traditions.


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UAE’s Traditional Gahwa Ceremony

The perfect art of pouring a cup of coffee.

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Bsous Silk Museum in Lebanon

In honour of Lebanon’s former silk production industry, a museum in the mountains is dedicated to telling the story of the delicate craft.

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Calligraphy in the UAE

A new generation is carrying on the tradition and wealth of decorative Arabic handwriting.

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Bahrain’s Al Naqda Needlework

Through tiny golden stitches, one of Bahrain’s oldest craft traditions is maintained.

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