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Silk Weaving in Egypt

In a village in southern Egypt, a new generation of artisans weave threads of the past into shawls.

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Palestinian Embroidery

In Lebanon’s refugee camps, embroidery artisans stitch stories made in Palestine.

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Omani Frankincense

In Oman's south, a unique climate enables the rare frankincense to thrive, placing the region at the centre of this aromatic trade.

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Philately House

A museum and clubhouse for Emirati stamp enthusiasts based in Dubai’s historic Al Fahidi district.

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Basket Weaving in Lebanon

In northern Lebanon, two small family enterprises continue the craft of hand weaving baskets from locally-sourced bamboo.

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Mother-of-Pearl in Bethlehem

With precision and attention to detail, Bethlehem’s nacre artisans carve religious relics from oyster shells, a craft that has become synonymous with the city.

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