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Where you come from 
and what you leave behind

Atharna meaning ‘legacy’ or ‘heritage’, was built to protect and preserve the local, artisanal talent of Saudi Arabia.
"Where you come from and what you leave behind"

Support Local

We help craftsmen and women realise a business from their talent and provide a marketplace for them to showcase their work.

Our work aims to keep the Craft Industry alive by supporting the generations of craft and skill coming from our nation. By sharing stories, skills and insights we hope to inspire you to join the Support Local mission.

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Three Ways To Support Local

Buy Local

There truly is power in your purchase. By being more conscious consumers we can use the force of our buying to support communities and preserve cultural heritage and traditions.
Flower Binding in Abha

Share Stories

Behind every handmade item is a story. The story of the maker, the person who grew the raw materials to make it and the story of your journey to buy it. Sharing these stories helps to keep items alive.
Woodwork of Fawzi Abdullah in Baha

Join the Community

We encourage you to become an ambassador for Supporting Local talent. Join our artisan meet and greets or let us know if you have a skill you would like to showcase in our stores. Better still, why not learn a new skill with an artisan from our network.
Al-Qatt Al-Asiri painting of Zahra Faya in Asir
The Craft Industry

Artisan Technqiues

Saudi Arabia is a melting pot of culture and history, inspiring the work and techniques of artisans. Explore the skills within our network below.
Sadu Weaving
Palm Weaving
The Craft Industry

The Atharna Artisan Network

Collaborating with artisanal collectives
And more independent makers

Find Us

Visit Our Showrooms

Hittin Showroom

Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman Ibn Abdulaziz Rd
Hittin, Riyadh 13514
Saudi Arabia

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday
10.00 — 17.00

+966 11 455 5531

Shop Collection

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Umm Ahmed

Huda Choker (Green)

568 SAR
01 of 60
Fatimah Hassanen

Candle Holder

121 SAR
01 of 120
Fatimah Hassanen

Nour Coffee Cups (x2)

161 SAR
01 of 120
Turquoise Mountain

Layla Napkin

209 SAR
01 of 25
Keramos Studio

Latifa Mug (Red)

184 SAR
01 of 100
Nora Shafi

Hessa Luggage Tag (Red)

64 SAR
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