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  • What is Atharna’s role in Supporting local artisans?

    Atharna strives to provide economic and cultural support to Saudi Arabian artisans. We work closely with our artisanal partners to o and increase their creativity, and to highlight the rich cultural aspects of it.

  • Are the products handmade?

    Yes, all the products are fully or partially handmade based on the type of craft that is used in each product.

  • Are the materials used are local or imported?

    The materials used in our products are determined based on multiple factors like their availability locally, their safety for use, and their capacity for development and innovation. Our products sometimes contain local and imported material.

  • How to join Atharna’s team?

    We are Happy to have skilled Saudis to be part of Atharna! You can send your CV to our email jobs@atharna.com

  • How are the product prices determined?

    As the artisans are the heart of our work at Atharna, we make sure fair trade and ethical production is considered while pricing the products.  Our aim is to ensure that the legacy of the craft and artisan are passed through generations.

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