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Sadu Weaving in Kuwait

In the Kuwait home of master craftswomen Um Fayez, the loom takes central place.

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Bahrain’s Sanadeeg Mubayata Chests

A Bahraini chest maker keeps one of the Arabian Gulf archipelago’s proudest crafts alive.

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Nabatean Pottery in Jordan

In Petra, artisans create earthenware with raw material from the surroundings – just like Nabatean craftspeople did millennia ago.

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Talli Embroidery in the UAE

In a small crafts centre, just off the eastern coast of the UAE, artisans explore new ways of refining talli, the traditional Emirati embroidery.

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Wadi Musa in Jordan

In the villages surrounding Petra, water still flows through ancient channels and waterways.

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Al-Khayamiya, Cairo's Tentmaking Street

Through centuries, the artisans of Al-Khayamiya in Islamic Cairo have continued to develop their trade, without giving up its traditions.

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