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  • Written by: Atharna

Atharna means the place we come from and what we leave behind us. In its essence, Athar also means legacy. We have derived our name from the word as we are aware of the importance of safeguarding heritage and presenting it in the finest forms possible.

By supporting artists and art lovers economically and culturally, Atharna aims to live up to its name.

In Atharna, we present crafts with a new face and soul through supporting our artisans and fostering an environment and market that pushes them to their highest potential. This allows them to enjoy their craft to its fullest extent. 

Proudly Saudi

It is our legacy to ensure economic and cultural integration throughout the kingdom for all people of the world who have yet to see the talent of these artisans who, for decades and decades, perfected these handicrafts to become integral to their identity and what defines them as human beings.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a region rich in multiple cultures that complement each other. Several cultural and archaeological discoveries have sparked attention to the Kingdom, with tremendous development in its lands blending ancient heritage with modernity, transforming the desert into skyscrapers.

This unique mixture, which was formed due to the rich heritage of the region and the adaptation of its people, eager to keep pace with a rapidly developing world, made the need for crafts greater than ever, as a link between these two times that exist in the same world despite their contradiction. Together, these elements result in a land that thrives off mutual support, creating a masterpiece that is just waiting to be shaped. That’s what we do here in Atharna. Nothing is more poetic than a piece of art made by an aged hand that reveals years of its heritage, the stories it was born with, and the experiences and knowledge it gained in the modern world.

Proudly Ethical

At Athara, we take pride in our ethics in all stages of creating our masterpieces, but especially in these three stages:

Craftsmanship, we are the destination of the greatest artisans in the Kingdom, and our artisans work on the finest materials and most gifted hands, to create masterpieces and heritage pieces designed to last with you. Every single piece from Atharna is designed, crafted, and packaged with meticulous personal attention. The piece you will receive will not be repeated anywhere and under any circumstances. Every piece we create is tied to the mood of the moment as well as the environment in which they are made.

Empowerment, we strive to empower our artisans to take charge of their businesses and lives by supporting their skillsets. We see artisans as the ambassadors of their country and representatives of their cultures. We think of them as our partners who communicate our message, and we aim for all our partners to benefit from their partnership with us in various ways, financially by selling their works and developing their skills in shaping their craft to new dimensions that no one thought of, with a deep relationship we form with them… here in Atharna.

Innovation, working closely with our artisans enables us to help them devise creative ways of approaching the traditional craft market, providing an active market willing to purchase unique materials, homemade with special attention to each piece and completely ethical. We encourage our artisans to step out of their comfort zone and design pieces made with unmatched quality materials and meticulous techniques that pays attention the smallest detail. Ultimately, they will be able to embrace their creativity through building on their modern life experiences with their legacy, convey an ancient story with a modern twist, and create something that will leave their mark and build their legacy. To create something wonderful.

The Artisan, The Artist

In Atharna, our mission is to showcase the pieces of artisans who follow fair trade guidelines and ensure that they are produced ethically and sincerely represent their culture.

We are dedicated to support artisans in developing their skills to become owners of their own small projects and provide for their families through their own skills, which stem from their traditions.

Atharna promotes and supports those who are specialized in the esthetics of what they create. We protect the rights of those whose art is so pure and tangible.

Because we believe every work of art carries a story and a deep connection, here in Atharna, it gets both: for the love of artisan, for the love of craft, and the love of our legacy.

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